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Game Roster Printing Instruction

The following are the instructions for the printing the Gaming Roster Form

  1. To print the Rosters you must have a Team Manager or Head Coach or   Assistant Coach account
    a) To set up your account
    i) Log in using your Team Managerís or Head Coach Account established on the Cal South system,
    ii) If you do not have an account please contact your League Registrar to set up an account.
    b) Printing the Gaming Roster
    i) Go to:
    ii) Click the Gaming Tab
    iii) You can log in from this page by using the fields on the left hand side or Click on the Gaming Circuit listed in the Game Results Information area on the page. Make sure that you are on the Current Tab to display the current gaming circuits.

    (1) Without clicking on the respective Gaming Circuit you can log in from the Username and
    Password fields on the Left Hand Side.

(2) If you clicked on the respective Gaming Circuit you can log in from the Username and Password fields on the Left Hand Side
iv) Once into your account Click on the My Account on the Left Hand side
v) In the Tournament Applications/ Gaming Scoring area find your respective team.
vi) On the right hand side Click the Schedules/Game Scoring link.
vii) The schedule will appear for the respective Team

(1) The Game Roster Print button will only appear 4 calendar days prior to the game.

(2) Click on the Print Roster Button to print the Game Roster for the upcoming Game.

(3) The system will display a window with the Game Roster. Do Not Click the Browser Print function to Print the roster

(4) Within the window Click on the Print icon at the top left hand side of the window. It is the third Icon in from the left.

(5) This will open up a PDF window from which you may print the Game Roster forms. You may also export the file to Word format if required, by clicking on the Export icon.

(a) DO NOT PRINT using the Browser print function (Internet Explorer etc.). This will not print all of the pages that need to be printed.

2) Game Roster Instruction

a) Check to make sure that all of the players are on the Roster.

b) If you did not update the Jersey numbers on the system, write in all the player Jersey numbers.

c) If the listed coach will not be coaching the team for the respective game writes in the gaming coach along with the administrator ID# and Phone number.

d) If the Team Manager listed will not be at the game write in the attending Team Managerís Name ID# and
Phone Number.

All questions or emails should be directed to:

Kathy Stanton
or mailed to
San Diego County Recreational League
839 Woodley Place
Encinitas, CA 92024
or fax to
or call

If Kathy Stanton is not available as your last resort call
For Technical Assistance - Contact 888 213 9555

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